Fresh Faces: Class of 2018

There are around 2,000 new, eager faces on Radford University’s campus this year. This freshman class is one of the largest RU has ever seen, and hopefully will contribute positively to the academics and culture here on campus. We all know the stereotypes and characteristics of incoming freshmen, but I wanted to delve deeper and really find out who the class of 2018 is. I interviewed three freshmen girls, Cheyanne Carlile (Pre-nursing), Jamie Goeller (Communication) and Julie Keophila (Elementary Education) to see what freshmen had to say about the first weeks of their college education. When answering the interview questions, most … Continue reading Fresh Faces: Class of 2018

RU Student’s Snow Days

There are many different opinions among the Radford student body about the frequent snowy days we see throughout the winter. Some are excited when seeing the icy flakes falling from the sky, and some students dread the walk to class in the bighting cold. Freshman, Cheyenne Carlile, spent her snow days indoors watching Netflix and hanging out with some close friends, “I watched holiday movies in my dorm. Snow always reminds me of good times with my family. I like to share that feeling with my friends here at Radford too!” While Ms. Carlile spent her snow days snuggled up, … Continue reading RU Student’s Snow Days

Lessons College Has Taught Us

Looking back on the past four years, college has definitely changed my way of thinking and my life style. When I go through life, I always look for the lessons in it. If something bad happens, I think about what I learned from the whole experience. What you learn from past mistakes will most likely help you avoid more serious pitfalls in the future. College has taught me to be perceptive of all things around me, not just my own word view. College has also taught me to educate my opinions. Today, most people are a part of a larger … Continue reading Lessons College Has Taught Us

Why You Should Join AmeriCorps

Being an undergraduate student nearing graduation, I get a lot of questions about my future. Everyone asks, “What are you doing after graduation?” or “You got a Political Science degree? What are you going to with that?” These questions are very valid, but difficult to answer. Finding a job after graduation is very challenging, and it is almost impossible to acquire one in the exact career that you want to pursue. That is where AmeriCorps comes in. 1. AmeriCorps accepts all types of majors No matter if you are an English major or a Philosophy major, you have a shot … Continue reading Why You Should Join AmeriCorps

Why You Should Watch ‘Adventure Time’

When I was a kid, I was the queen of cartoons. I watched everything from “The Powerpuff Girls” to “Dragon Ball Z.” As I have grown up, my love for cartoons has not faded. I have a little brother that is nine and a half years my junior, and he has given me a good excuse to keep watching cartoons frequently. Nowadays, we have adult cartoons like “Family Guy” and “Archer” that are made for people like me by people like me who have also loved cartoons since they were able to watch television. Even children’s cartoons like “Adventure Time” … Continue reading Why You Should Watch ‘Adventure Time’