Success Stories of York County: Nathan Kaw-uh

Nathan Kaw-uh is a young Yorktown resident who is getting things done for his future and our community. Kaw-uh is straight out of Grafton High School and already has his own business, is running for a local office, and is going to be tackle his undergraduate degree at Christopher Newport University (CNU).

Junkoligy LLC is the name of Kaw-uh’s business that serves the York County area, “We specialize in lawn care and leaf maintenance but have branched into flower and mulch installation over the years. The company has been in business for four years.” He will be continuing to run his business while attending college.

Kaw-uh is unsure about his next career move, but is confident that studying business at CNU will help him discover his calling, “I was accepted to another University but chose to attend CNU for its programs that allow me to remain active in my community.” Kaw-uh’s past and future endeavors show that he has a knack for leadership.

During Kaw-uh’s time at Grafton High School he ran for Student Council President and became the first junior to ever be elected into the position. Currently, he is running for the District Two York County School Board seat.

Kaw-uh’s life goals include positively influencing and encouraging the environment around him, “I want to lead by example and prove that you can do things and become someone no matter your age. I want to keep expanding my business and continue serving my community.”

If you need your leaves raked up this fall, give Junkoligy a call at (757) 644-3584 or visit the website at Support Nathan Kaw-uh and his ambitions!


Published by The Yorktown Crier July 20, 2017


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