Hiking Spots In and Around York County

There are many hobbies the residents of York County can partake in during the
summer months. This area of VA offers different outdoor environments to enjoy sports, family events, and especially hiking. If you are looking for a new activity that
exposes you to nature and is not too hard on your joints, check out the hiking spots
in and around the York County area!

The Nolan Trail next to the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News is a good starting
place for beginner hikers. Nolan Trail is five miles long and runs along side the Lake Maury. The terrain is mostly flat and the views of the lake from the bridges on the
trail are fantastic!

The National Park Services offers trails in the Colonial National Park. Visitors can
walk along the Colonial Parkway or venture on trails off Cook Road in historic Yorktown. With either choice, you are bound to learn some Revolutionary and Civil
War history by reading the signs bordering the trails along your hike.

Harwood’s Mill in Newport News Park offers thoroughly wooded trails to hike.
Harwood’s Mill is actually a 265-acre freshwater reservoir, which is beautiful to see.
Visitors can also rent boats and stop for a picnic along the hiking trails.

Some other hiking spots in and around York County to go to this summer include the
Wetlands Interpretive Sanctuary For Education, Sandy Bottom Nature Park, or New Quarter Park.

Whatever hobby you choose to expand on this summer make sure it gets you
outside and requires you to get physically active. Check out the hiking trails mentioned and have a fun and safe summer!


Published by the Yorktown Crier July 6, 2017


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