Success Stories of York County: Jeffery Jones

The Millennials of York County are putting in extra work this year to represent their home across VA. Among them is Jeffery D. Jones II, who has lived in Yorktown all his life. Jones is making moves in the STEM field at the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

Jones did not know what he wanted to do immediately after high school, like many young people. But once he figured it out there was no stopping him. He is currently majoring in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry and minoring in mathematics at VCU.

Jones has also had an internship with Jefferson Lab to discover “novel chemical compounds with ferroelectric properties.” Now, he is working on a new project at VCU. “I am working on a project to create an edible biocomposite that, when applied as a film on fruits/vegetables/fungi, will increase the shelf life as well as cut down on our environmental impact compared to current technology,” Jones reports, “because plastic and wax films are just not cutting it.”

The polymer company Ancos hired Jones on for the project, and the list of responsibilities in the position is long, “As an engineering intern, my responsibilities include performing quality control tests on incoming polymers and optimizing current operations. Some of our clients include Dupont, BD Medical, and PolyOne.”

When Jones is away from York County while attending VCU, he misses the close-knit community that he was brought up in, “The neighbors care about each other here. They feel comfortable sharing their weed whacker, truck, and life stories.”

Jones wants to continue to contribute to mankind through working in STEM fields and is excited to make a career out of it. With his education and experience through internships, he is sure to succeed in his endeavors.


Published by the Yorktown Crier June 29, 2017


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