A Local Gem: The Colonial National Historical Park

Located in close proximity to the Yorktown Beach is the Colonial National Historical Park. This national park includes Yorktown Battlefield, Historical Jamestown, and the Colonial Parkway. Even though some locals have lived in York County for years, many residents do not know about the national park and all it has to offer.

The main area of the Colonial National Historical Park located in Yorktown is the Yorktown Battlefield and the Visitors Center. Patrons from all around the country and the globe come to learn about the world-changing historical events that happened in Yorktown.

Along the beaches of the York River in Yorktown, the last major battle of the Revolutionary War took place. In 1781, George Washington, a general at the time, and his French allies defeated the British army by taking back Yorktown Beach. On October 19, 1781 Cornwallis’s army surrendered, which affectively brought an end to the Revolutionary War.

At the Visitors Center in historic Yorktown guests can tour the battlefield itself, which includes the Moore House and Surrender Field as well as other historic sites. Surrender Field is where the Americans won over the British at the Battle of Yorktown. The Moore House is where the British and American officers discussed the terms of Cornwallis’s surrender. There is also a museum and educational movie to watch at the Visitors Center.

The Victory Center and the American Revolution Museum are also in historic Yorktown near the Colonial National Historical Park. Visitors can take a free trolley ride to each of these tourist attractions. The Victory Monument to commemorate the French and American alignment is also a beautiful thing to see. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy the history, restaurants, and commercial area along the waterfront.

Many York County residents do not know about the national park that is in their own backyard. Take a visit to the Yorktown Battlefield and Jamestown this summer to have some historical fun! And support your National Parks!


Published by the Yorktown Crier on June 22, 2017


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