The York County Soccer Experience

As a parent, are you looking for something for your child to participate in that gets them out of the house and strengthens their physical fitness and teamwork skills? York County Soccer is offered in the fall and spring for anyone in grades K through 12, and any child can join no matter their skill level.

Games and practices are held at the McReynolds Complex in Yorktown. In the beginning of the year, there are usually six practices in order to prepare the young players for competitive games later on. Then, once the scrimmages begin, there are usually two games and one practice per week.

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to watch one of the York County Soccer teams, the Pilots, play. The players looked like they were giving it their all on the field, and the coach, Kevin Rocheleau, was supplying them with encouragement from the sidelines.

After the game, I was able to ask Coach Rocheleau about the York County Soccer experience.

North: “What expertise is required for becoming a coach? What is your background?”

Roucheleau: “All you really have to have is a love for the game and a love for the kids. I played in Division One and Two soccer in college.”

North: “What benefit do you think the players receive form participating in York County Soccer?

Roucheleau: “All of the players learn how to play the game, rules and all. They also increase their teamwork skills and it keeps them physically fit.”

North: “What is your favorite part about being a coach for York County Soccer and York County Soccer in general?”

Roucheleau: “Well, I have been a coach for York County Soccer since 2005, and my favorite part is just seeing the kids grow and mature in their skills.”

Coach Roucheleau has a daughter currently enrolled in York County Soccer, and two older children who play soccer for York High School.

York County Soccer is a great way to get your child to be active physically and in the community. It is also fun too! To register for the next season, visit and pay a small fee of $55. Non-county residents can now register as well!


Published by The Yorktown Crier on May 4, 2017


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