Success Stories of York County: Aaron Lovejoy

York County has always been known for its amazing stories of the past and the historic leaders that have walked its grounds. But what is York County doing for the future today? How are its current residents contributing positively to our society?

Aaron Lovejoy is an example of what the youth of York County are accomplishing. He is working hard through using his education in archeology to uncover the voices of the past that have been lost and forgotten.

The Lovejoy family moved to York County when Aaron was in first grade around the year 2000. Throughout the last 17 years, the Lovejoy family has put two kids through the York County school system, and Aaron’s older sister is currently raising a family of her own in Yorktown.

Aaron points out what an influence the York County school system has had on his life, specifically the staff at Grafton High School. “I cannot stress how much of an impact the faculty of Grafton High school had on me. Most people will think back to their time in public school and recall one or two teachers who went above and beyond to reach their students. In my experience, I would be hard pressed to list all the teachers who were genuinely invested in my future. They are setting kids up for success in a highly competitive world, plain and simple,” he says.

When Aaron graduated from Grafton High, he decided to continue his education at James Madison University where he received a B.S. in Anthropology with a concentration in Archeology. He also acquired a minor in Geographic Information Science (GIS).

Currently, Aaron Lovejoy is living in New Mexico and working to construct maps of archeological sites that field crews find in the area. When commenting on his current work, Aaron speaks with enthusiasm and passion, “This geographic technology is a fairly new field and is pretty exciting when applied to other disciplines and problems. I am steering my career focus into this new approach and as of this year I have started a GIS consultation firm called Skylance Solutions. The company goal is to utilize geographic software and tools to gather unique data for people in fields ranging from agriculture and forestry to energy companies. I am currently preparing to pursue a Master’s degree focusing on GIS to bring in new skills and methods to the firm.”

When thinking about the future, Aaron likes to stick to the axiom: leave the world a better place than you found it. In regards to his career goals, Aaron wants to expand on his skills of being an archeologist and cartographer, “I see my purpose as digging into the past and bringing stories to the public. Those stories, often times, are the lives of people whose experiences did not quite make it into the history books; be it the daily life of a child born into slavery in the 1800’s or the activities of a woman living in a Shenandoah valley farmhouse at the turn of the century. These perspectives enrich our own lives and our understanding of where we came from. Our history just is not complete without it.”

When asked about what he misses about York County when he is away, Aaron responds, “The thing I miss most about the area is autumn in York County. I have such great memories of the season, between football games and marching band (Go Clippers!) and cruising on the Colonial Parkway after the leaves have turned.”

As Aaron continues to grow and to make the world a better place, he will always keep York County in his heart. Aaron Lovejoy plans to come back to Yorktown soon to see his family and enjoy York County once again.


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