Region IV Southeast Public-Private Partner Summit an Informative Success

Region IV’s Southeast Public-Private Summit took place March 7th and 8th at the Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta, GA. The purpose of the summit was to join the public and private sphere together in the efforts of emergency preparedness. State Emergency Managers, voluntary agency leads, and members of various businesses gathered to collaborate on several topics. This was the first time Region IV attempted this sort of event, and both sectors learned a lot about each other.

The summit was not just a private and public sector conference by name, the Region IV leadership really wanted the two entities to come together. Throughout the two days, the opinions, experiences, needs, and wants to the two spheres were expressed through thorough presentations. The two sides were able to understand more about each other and realized that when they do join forces, problems are solved at a quicker and more efficient pace.

The Southeast Public-Private Partner Summit was about building relationships. The public and private sectors came together and affirmed that they were both on the same team; a team that has their constituents’ wellbeing in mind.


Published by FEMA Weekly March 13, 2017


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