Why You Should Join AmeriCorps

Being an undergraduate student nearing graduation, I get a lot of questions about my future. Everyone asks, “What are you doing after graduation?” or “You got a Political Science degree? What are you going to with that?” These questions are very valid, but difficult to answer. Finding a job after graduation is very challenging, and it is almost impossible to acquire one in the exact career that you want to pursue. That is where AmeriCorps comes in.

1. AmeriCorps accepts all types of majors

No matter if you are an English major or a Philosophy major, you have a shot at serving in AmeriCorps. I have been told by people that have taken part in AmeriCorps that the organization aims to match up the applicant with a job that utilizes their skills and abilities. I do not know about other graduates, but landing a job that allows you to use the knowledge that you learned throughout your education sounds great to me.

2. AmeriCorps will open many doors for you in the future

Besides AmeriCorps being a great resume booster, it also can help you get real connections to employment opportunities in the future. After you are accepted into AmeriCorps, you will go through the process of acquiring a security clearance that will make you super marketable for other, more selective jobs.

3. You are serving your country without going into the military

When you are accepted into AmeriCorps, you are volunteering your time and efforts to better the United States. The military is a respectable organization to join, however, AmeriCorps is a better option for non-violent types who do not want to take part in war. AmeriCorps has many divisions, such as NCCC, FEMA, and Vista, which allow you to help others in disaster situations, improve low-income areas’ infrastructure, and research better way to do so.

4. You get to travel to places you have never been to

This could be a plus or a negative depending on who you are. Personally, I love traveling, and I think most young people do as well. I am being sent off to Vicksburg, Mississippi. I would probably never have gotten to go there if I did not sign up! After your formal training, AmeriCorps will send your team to other areas to serve as well.

5. AmeriCorps will help you in your educational endeavors

Besides deferring your student loans, you will also learn a lot in AmeriCorps. I have heard from other volunteers that the lessons AmeriCorps taught them have genuinely changed their life.

So if you are graduating soon and have not landed that dream job, apply to AmeriCorps! It is a great option.

Published by Odyssey Online on Apr. 18, 2016
Link: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/reasons-why-you-should-join-americorps


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