My Fears for After Graduation

Graduation is getting closer — so close that Pomp and Circumstance has been stuck in my head for the past few days. For all graduating seniors, school has been a significant part of our lives, so what are we going to do now that we don’t have to go back to school ever again? Here are some of my fears for after graduation.

It is going to be so weird not having to worry about homework, tests, papers, etc. I feel like as soon as summer is done I will be ready to go back to school, with no school to go back to! School has been a huge motivator in my life. When I succeed in school, I feel really good about myself and it fills me with confidence. I hope I can find my own motivation when I am out of school!

College students are famous for being unemployed, but I am not fearful of not getting job. I am afraid of getting a job that is not in my field or not within my interests. My family and I have worked extremely hard to make sure I get an education. It would be crippling to end up working for an employer who does not utilize my skills that I have worked so hard to learn.

I have always had a failure complex. Not too many things make me upset, but failing at something that I tried hard to get hits me really hard. I think most Millennials share this trait because we unconsciously equate our self-worth to how many successful endeavors we have, if our family is proud of us, or how good our bank account looks. I have succeeded in basically everything I have applied myself to up to this point in my life. And honestly, I am afraid of failing.

Most of all, I am afraid of not becoming the person that I want to be. After we graduate, nothing is certain anymore. We get full control over the way our life goes, and that is nerve-racking in itself.

Congratulations to everyone graduating this May! This is the start of the rest of your life!

Published by Odyssey Online on Mar. 28, 2016


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