2016 Preview of Radford University’s Literary Magazine, Exit 109

Exit 109 is Radford University’s student-run literary arts magazine. Exit 109’s mission is to publish creative writing and art pieces created by Radford students. They are also committed to creating a culture in Radford that is appreciative of the arts. Their issue this year has the theme “Octopus’s Garden” and will feature work by Radford student photographers, writers, and artists. The new issue comes out in April of this year, but we definitely could not wait that long. Here is a sneak peak of this year’s Exit 109!

Rachel Klein, the Editor-in-Chief of Exit 109, commented on this year’s theme, “Octopus’s Garden.” She said that she originally got the idea because the octopus is her favorite animal. She then thought about the literal meaning of an octopus’s garden. For octopi to survive, they have to construct strong fortresses around their lairs for protection. It starts with a few shells and then becomes garden-like as the octopus builds on its work. Klein believes this is a perfect metaphor for the process and work that goes into constructing Exit 109.

The Exit 109 team does not create literary magazines in a week or month, it takes almost two full semesters to finish the process. Klein elaborated on the teamwork that happens while creating Exit 109. “My fabulous reading staff did the heavy lifting of reviewing and thinking through the pieces that were submitted. They did a lot of the “what is in and what is out work for me.” Klein expressed that she was really impressed with the way the Exit 109 team worked together this year.

This year’s content in Exit 109 has a darker trend to it. It includes a lot of murder stories and free-verse poetry that gets down to events and feelings that are not frequently expressed. Do not worry though, there are lighthearted pieces as well for those of you who are not into the dark side of the human experience.

Exit 109 is a part of Radford University’s Student Media department. The student-run literary arts magazine is ran by editor-in-chief, Rachel Klein, but she has a lot of help from others, such as design manager Alex Pistole who has been the leader in design of the unique cover. The team has been working all year to put together this issue of Exit 109, and if you would like to help out in future issues, just email exit109@radford.edu. Unfortunately, it is too late to submit work to be featured in this year’s issue, but if you would like to submit for next year’s issue, email ruexit109@gmail.com anytime!

The 2016 issue of Exit 109 will be available to the Radford community by April 13. Until then, keep supporting Radford University’s Student Media by reading The Tartan, Whim, and Beehive and liking their pages on Facebook!

Published by Radford University’s The Tartan on Feb. 10, 2016
Link: http://www.rutartan.com/wordpress/2016-preview-of-exit-109/


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